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The goal of this project is to provide an optimized Ruby On Rails stack for the different OpenSolaris distributions. OpenSolaris is the Free/Open Source version of the Solaris operating system. It is the cutting edge version of the well known Solaris operating system('cutting edge' here does not mean unstable, since the strict commit guidelines which were originally part of the Sun Solaris development processes are still followed by the OpenSolaris community). OpenSolaris is available in two flavors, “OpenSolaris”, and the OpenSolaris Community Edition (SXCE). The former is installable from a single CD(which can also be used as a Live CD) which provides a basic set of software packages. More software can be installed using a network based package management system called the Image Packaging System(or IPS) which installs software from a repository hosted on the internet.

How to install:

To install Ruby, Rubygems, commonly used extensions, backing libraries, and compilers for native gems etc., on OpenSolaris, please use the Image Packaging System(IPS) client. This will install the latest binaries from the OpenSolaris network repository. It's easy:

% pfexec pkg install SUNWruby18

This package also contains DTrace support and performance optimizations. The locations of various artifacts are described in the Ruby OpenSolaris ARC Case.

The other OpenSolaris distribution, called the Solaris Express Community Edition(SXCE) comes with Ruby preinstalled. The version, location etc., are the same as with the vanilla OpenSolaris distribution, and are documented in the above mentioned ARC case.

If you would like to use traditional SVR4 packages for Ruby and Rails, our project is the right place to get them. The packages provided by this project are intended to include:


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